Hermes Direkt GmbH Monteurzimmer ab 10 Euro

Working permission for Germany

We will register your foreign staff at the registration office and trade office.

It is for the workers from EU countries, including Romania and Bulgaria, other rules
than for Croats, Serbs, Ukrainians, or American, Swiss, etc.

From 20 € per person and registration of EU citizens (European Union) we deliver you
everything you need free of charge.
For your staff outside the EU, we do this work at cost.

We deliver complete included mail box sign for the post of authority of 1-200 people
in about 10 cities in the Rhineland and in other cities like Freiburg, Mannheim, Leipzig,
Wilhelmshaven, etc.

This offer is valid in all cities where we also rent out apartments.

We deliver complete: included mail box sign for the post of authority.

Mail us: how many persons should be registered.
We will give you as soon as possible suitable dates.

HP. Upon request, our sister company seeks (Marketing!) orders of German companies for you.

Rooms for workers, accommodation for workers, flat for workers, habitaciones para trabajadores temporales, alojamientos para trabajadores temporales, pisos para trabajadores temporales, chambre pour travailleur saisonnier, logement pour travailleur saisonnier, appartement pour de travail saisonnier, pokój dla robotników

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